Shakespeare Theater Club


Participate in group and one-on-one coaching sessions with Jeffrey Chips, Artistic Director of Steel City Shakespeare. 


4th-12th graders will have the opportunity to compete in the Pittsburgh Public Theater event.


K-3rd graders will learn a 10 line passage or sonnet. 4th-12th graders will learn a 20-50 line monologue or 3-4 minute scene. To take part in the showcase, students can only miss one session. 

Age groups

 Grades K-3 group: Will learn a 10-line passage or sonnet. 3 sessions plus showcase.

Session one: Basic intro to theater and Shakespeare, theater games, assign pieces

Session two: Work on speeches. Basic paraphrasing and memorization techniques.

Session three: one-on-one

Grades 4-8 and 9-12 groups: Follow guidelines of monologue contest. Four sessions, 2 group sessions, 2 one-on-one sessions. 

4 week program

Tu 1/7, 5:30-6:30pm: K-3 Sess. 1

Wed 1/8, 6-8pm: 4-8 Session 1

Tu 1/14, 5:30-6:30pm: Sess. 2

Wed 1/22, 6-8pm: Individual coaching, 30 minutes

Th 1/23, 7-8pm: Individual coaching, 30 minutes 

Mon 1/27, 7-8pm: Individual coaching, 30 minutes

Tu 1/28, 5-6pm: Individual coaching, 30 minutes

Th 1/30, 5:30-8pm: Dress rehearsal

Fri 1/31, 7:00pm: Showcase

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